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RINs Update: You Need to Know What We Know

Forecasts, Trends and Compliance Planning for 2013

The RINs market continues to drive biofuels sales and increase the cost of compliance, and recent action by the U.S. EPA on violations has highlighted the risks and forced changes for all parties participating in the biofuels market. Experts from Hart Energy interpret the challenges from EPA policy, U.S. incentives, recent rulings, and global mandates in various reports and events throughout the year. Request more information to learn more about Global Biofuels Center membership and how you can become a part of the ongoing RINs discussion.

Membership to the Global Biofuels Center includes:

1. Unlimited access to our continuously updated, members-only web site, including:

Country-specific biofuels information

  • Production and consumption;
  • Production capacity, feedstocks and production technologies;
  • Quality specifications and regulations;
  • Taxation, incentives, subsidies and related government policies;
  • Trade and tariff information;
  • Vehicle technology and emissions;
  • Air quality and climate change issues; and
  • Government policy, legislation and regulatory developments affecting biofuels.
  • What’s New -- The GBC team’s perspective on biofuels industry developments with easy-access links to global public information, studies, reports and analyses
  • Contact Information -- Exclusive access to the primary contact information for each Global Biofuels Center member company.

2. Special and Flash Reports:

Our expert team around the world provides in-depth analysis of the critical, biofuels-specific issues affecting our members.  In 2011, our members received 60 reports.


3. Access to Annual Global Biofuels Outlook Study

The Global Biofuels Center (GBC) brings you all essential global information on ethanol and biodiesel into ONE SINGLE, UNBIASED, RELIABLE report. Our fuel specialists around the world have thoroughly researched fundamental market data to bring you critical insight and a long-term view on the future of ethanol and biodiesel.

This timely report covers:

  • Policy outlook and drivers for biofuels production and consumption
  • Projections for current and future production capacity for each region of the world and detailed for over 20 countries
  • Supply and demand per country, globally and by region, current and outlook to 2025
  • An in-depth analysis of and outlook on next generation biofuels

4. Executive Briefings & Webinars:

Timely industry intelligence shared in face-to-face discussions with biofuels experts and peer groups. During 2011, Biofuels Briefings were held in Brussels, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, San Antonio, and Washington, DC.   Webinars covered topics such as Biojet, Renewable Energy Directive/Fuel Quality Directive mandates, EU sustainability criteria, and regional policy overviews, among others.

5. Continuous Access:

GBC members may contact our expert team of refining, automotive, fuels and regulatory consultants, a staff of two dozen experienced professionals who speak 20 different languages, based in offices around the world,  including: Washington, D.C.; Houston; São Paulo; Porto; Brussels; and Singapore.

6. Reduced Rates:

GBC members enjoy special pricing for in-depth, client-specific biofuels consulting projects.

7. Opportunities:

GBC membership highlights your company and its services on the GBC web site, in GBC publications and at various GBC conferences and events worldwide.

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For Membership Information, contact:

Tammy Klein
Senior Vice President, Downstream Research