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Global: Hart Energy Research & Consulting is now Stratas Advisors
Sep 09, 2014
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Hart Energy Research & Consulting is now Stratas Advisors

We are proud to announce the formation of Stratas Advisors ( effective Aug. 28, 2014, formerly known as Hart Energy Research & Consulting.

As a client, you’ve already seen some of the changes that are part of this expansion. We’d like to take this opportunity to describe our vision and our plans to further enhance our services and offerings for you.

What changes? What stays the same?

The key focus for Stratas Advisors is to integrate our research expertise, analytical methodologies, quantitative models and databases to support transformational thinking. In doing so, we will deliver a broader, higher-quality, more comprehensive experience than ever before.

To achieve this goal, we are engineering a new website to provide increasingly convenient and timely access to our services and knowledge base. New offerings are being launched, while access to your current services, such as WRFS, NASQ, IFQC, AFS and GBC, will remain in place. These brands will evolve on the new website with new and enhanced features, databases, analytical and modeling tools, interactive charting and mapping applications across the energy value chain. You’ll also receive a greater level of support through dedicated account managers and customer care teams.

As a result, you can rely on Stratas Advisors to help you make strategic decisions through:

  • Forward-looking assessments and predictive analysis.
  • Integrated analysis across the energy value chain and related sectors.
  • Macro-level evaluations of economic, geopolitical, regulatory and technological factors.
  • Modeling tools and analytical methodologies coupled with robust data.

Why Stratas Advisors?

The creation of Stratas Advisors is the culmination of a vision years in the making: a vision to provide integrated, authoritative and actionable analysis and insight, to incorporate global and regional perspectives, and to deliver it all through web-based services, advisory retainers and consulting engagements.

We’re changing our name because we’re changing the way we do business. You expressed a need for deeper, more interconnected analysis and expertise delivered in a timely and efficient manner. We’re responding by reinventing our entire approach to better support your business goals.

We look forward to continuing to serve you, and we will maintain the highest standards as we transition to Stratas Advisors and launch our fully functional, web-based platform by the end of this year. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our interim online platform,, which provides an overview of our current offerings and a preview of our new capabilities.

Contact John Paisie, Executive Vice President, Stratas Advisors at +1.713.260.4628, or reach out to your account managers or our analysts with any questions.

Global: Hart Energy Research & Consulting is now Stratas Advisors
Sep 09, 2014

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